What is Candid Photography

What is Candid Photography? Why should I go along with Traditional Photography?

Wedding photography today can be categorized into two forms:

1) Candid Photography
2) Traditional Photography

Candid photography- This style of photography is less of “say cheese” approach. Its an art where the main goal of a photographer is to tells a story in a series of interwoven photographs, capturing the real essence of the moments, feelings, the bond of the families coming together. The focus of the photographer is how the couple are feeling, how comfortable they are..are they nervous/rigid or too shy in front of camera. The standard photography heavily relies on the poses and hence does not reveal the true feelings of people. People look like robots with fake smiles. The main goal of the standard photographer is to cover everyone and put them in the album.

On the other hand candid photographs shows real moments, real expressions as we never say pose this way or that way we
either hide at one corner and just ask the couple to be like they are on their first date. We do our job talking to them,interacting to them which makes them comfortable in front of the camera.

Second most important point is that direct flash is not used in candid photography. A direct flash to the eyes startle the subject leading to unnatural expressions. We use high end cameras and lens that work under low light and seldom require direct flash.

Traditional Photography – This is the other Style of Photography, I am not saying that this is a bad approach, in-fact Traditional photographers possess certain posing skills that are hard to master specially in taking group shots, family shots, shooting guests etc.  I always suggest to hire a traditional photographer as they tend to click things that are required to keep all the distant family members happy and dont give them a chance to grumble “Hamari to ek bhi picture nahin aayi” :) .


Here I am putting together two photographs one is candid and the other not so candid. You be the judge.























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