How To find a Wedding Photographer for your Wedding? (PART II)

Now you have booked and paid a photographer, here comes the D-day Read Part I

What to expect from a photographer on Wedding day and Post Wedding


   1) Treating your photographer:

-    Don’t treat your wedding photographer like a hired cameraman. (If you are looking for those, Traditional photographers are                        your best bet.) But if you are expecting professional/flattering images – Treat a photographer like an artist.

- If there are any restrictions of the food etc(expensive plate system) on the venue– inform the photographer beforehand so that                  they can plan their breaks  accordingly.

- If you are hopping venues – keep a separate dedicated Cab/Taxi arranged for your photographer (unless the photographer is                      taking care of it on her/his own). You don’t want your photographer to be stranded at the venue – just because the shared                           cab/taxi moved away.

- Educate your family about the expectations & the photographer’s working style. Wedding photojournalists appreciate that the                   family doesn’t direct them to do/capture things the way they want it.

2) Allocating a family member :

This is very Important.  Usually we ask for it as its part of the process, however make sure that you ask some cousin or family                       member to educate the photographer about the important members of the family.  The reason being, in case he misses out on                     some member then you stand a chance of missing candid moments of the people that matter the most.

3)  Post Wedding? What next:

Patience is virtue….
Each photographer has their own timeline. Those who are going to give you edited pictures – will typically take 3-6 weeks to do                 so. Understand the timelines beforehand and don’t put the photographer under pressure to deliver early. It can only push your                 edit quality down.

4) Copyrights

Congratulations. You have successfully made it through the Photography aspect of your wedding.  The photographer retains the copyright to all your images at all times. Most photographers will give you personal use rights to your images – which means : you can print, re-print, make albums & books, share on Facebook (credits are appreciated) email etc. But you cannot SELL or TRANSFER these images for any commercial or promotional usage by yourself or anyone else. If you are going to have such a requirement – speak to the photographer and discuss the usage.

5) Albums or Coffee Table Books?

You need to understand that the strength of a good Photographer is her/his pictures. But if albums or coffee table books are high in your priority, do have a look at a sample before you book a photographer.

6) This sounds like so much work!

Finding the right photographer for your wedding should take some time & effort. And why not! Its your big day!! Your wedding photographer is one of those few people that will help preserve the memories of your big day. And after all, the one you chose, shall always be the Best photographer for your wedding.

Disclaimer: The Ideas expressed here is my personal opinion based on my experiences on Wedding photography.