How To find a Wedding Photographer for your Wedding? (PART I)

wedding-photography-tips Finding that perfect wedding photographer can be daunting. With the amount of Local  studios, candid photographers on Facebook, Websites blah blah… it might take you  weeks to go through each one of these options and their profiles. And by the time you  have zeroed down one – chances are – your favorite photographer does not  have dates!! Here are just a few options that might help speed up the process.


1. What is your expectation?

First of all, you – the decision maker (parents/the couple/the entire family) must know what he/she is looking for. The bigger the group is going to be – the more opinions and confusion it is bound to create. Keep it simple. Google profile searching some of these keywords i.e wedding photographers,candid photographer in Delhi <can be any location>,ask for recommendations, review your friends wedding pictures, try Facebook (which is now the stop shop for many wedding photographers). There is so much information available on internet ,you need to filter down and choose what works for you .

So a photographer needs a Degree/Diploma or part of a Big Media house (NOT necessarily ) if you get one the better, however I have seen some excellent work from people who did not had any formal training or flashy degrees……”Bill gates himself was a dropout……


 Word of caution: When you visit a photographer’s website and look through their portfolio of images, you expect photographer’s actual work?  There are ones who take images from another photographer’s website, re-label them with their own studio copyright watermark (!), and then re-post them as samples of their own work?  …..BEWARE…..



2. Equipment? Albums? How to decide??

Are you more concerned about equipment that is being used for your wedding – or the end product? Today is a digital era and there are so many options that the photographers use and as they are professionals they will have the best of the equipment. If you still want to be sure – ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to know.

images (Examples of Professional & High-end cameras Wedding Photographers use: Canon 6D /  Mark III/Canon 1DX  OR Nikon D600 / D800) but it doesn’t stop at that. There are Plethora of  Professional grade LENSES that each Pro Should have: i.e (Canon/NIKON)

70-200 2.8L  IS/VC,  24-70 2.8, 85 1.2/1.4 or 85mm 1.8 or 135mm f/2, 100(Canon) /105mm(NIKON)  2.8 Macro


 Albums or Coffee Table Books?

You need to understand that the strength of a good Photographer is her/his pictures. But if albums or coffee table books are high in your priority, do have a look at a sample before you book a photographer.

coverdisplaySome photographers make light-weight coffee table books from awesome book makers like Canvera, Blurb, WHCC etc. while others choose to create Fabulous Leather or
Canvas bound albums from book makers like Leather Craftsmen, La Vie, Canvera, Graphistudio etc. Remember – your pictures will make or break an album. Without
beautiful pictures, the most high-quality & expensive albums will look cheap.


3. What about Budget and Wedding Photographers Worth???

Wedding Photography is not a commodity. But Budgets cannot be ignored either. Now, in my previous articles I touched upon candid photography. Now this style of photography requires high end equipment and that comes for a cost, more importantly Photographer needs special skills and certain level of professionalism that are way beyond a Traditional Photographer reach.

500 India rupee notes A candid photographer needs to have backups, extra lenses, extra cameras to shoot a  particular moment in different ways. A Studio is also a best deal, but not necessarily  the best value. Most will give you Photography (and all the other add-on’s like albums,  video …..) at less cost per day. The latest trend is to hire a traditional photographer or  a studio (for photo & video) in addition to the Candid photographers with their own  signature style.

If you appreciate somebody’s work – Respect their fees too. (We too have bills to pay!) Opt out, if you think the photographer is not in your budget range. The best way to do so is to drop a message saying so.


4. What about bookings??

Don’t expect a photographer to hold your dates, just because you sent them an email or spoke to them on phone. Chances are – a few others did the same too. A Wedding
photographer will ask you for a booking fee (generally 50% of the entire photography fee) and reserve your date based on that. Most photographers would also take the
entire fee amount (yes, 100%) before they have taken even a single picture. (Yes, I am talking about photographers, not studios).



Disclaimer: The Ideas expressed here is my personal opinion based on my experiences on Wedding photography.

PART II (What to expect from a photographer on Wedding day and Post Wedding) Coming Soon….